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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Teeth Whitening

Yesterday, while switching from channels of television, I saw a brilliantly-conceived advertisement of a ‘whitening’ laser treatment where models spend just 45 minutes in a chair and have the most whitest smile.

Now, that may be an exaggeration, but my point I’m trying to make here is that more and more Americans are having a perfect, sparkling smile, thanks to the growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry. Self-indulgence and self-importance aren’t frowned upon any more and health consciousness and improvement in appearance are considered an investment today.

You do agree that one of the greatest assets a person can have is a beautiful, healthy smile and there’s a noticeable effort among the people with discolored, crooked, malformed or missing teeth to cover up their smile. In fact, dentists say, such problems can affect people of all age groups and teenagers are the most sensitive about how they look and smile. This frequently results in loss of self-confidence and affects social life.

This explains why teeth whitening procedures relating to restoration and enhancement of smile are gaining popularity across the country. Incidentally, the trend is no longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous. The upper middle class segment is fast catching up and more youngsters, corporate executives and people in the fashion and entertainment industries are opting for smile enhancement and cosmetic dental procedures to make a lasting impression in the first look.

Much of the action seen in this fledgling industry is because of the advancements in aesthetic dental procedures and a whole new range of materials being used to bring about a dramatic change in appearance. Procedures such as laser bleaching, adhesive dentistry, implant dentistry and digital X-ray have greatly aided diagnosis and treatment of disorders. What’s more, since dentistry is time-consuming, modern methods help reduce pain, number of sittings and costs — bringing great relief to the people opting for them.

Another reason why these procedures are getting popular is because of the growing awareness levels. In fact, many dentists I spoke with claim that people now ask for specific treatments and insist on conservation of a tooth rather than extraction. New technologies and materials today have made it possible to conserve a badly decayed tooth with root canal treatment and bad gums can be corrected with flap surgery and bone grafts. Even dental implants for missing teeth are becoming quite popular.

Interestingly, with Costa Rica now offering world-class cosmetic dentistry at affordable rates, there’s a steady stream of patients from overseas, especially non-resident.

Nowadays in Costa Rica, most dental clinics have first-class equipment, modern facilities and hygienic practices and provide quality procedures and treatments at a fraction of the cost charged. Given the growing awareness among the clients and cosmetic dentists to use newer products, the market for cosmetic dentistry is expected to grow by more than 53% in Costa Rica. The science of aesthetic dentistry now holds hands with aesthetics, beauty and harmony. Dental Solutions now exist which can make your smile look stunning.


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